About Us

About the Company

Our Founder, Yemisi Vese, had to stay home for a while during the pregnancy and after birth of her twins. Unable to go shopping physically as much, she had to order groceries and other items online. The level of unprofessionalism in a number of the delivery agents was a shock to her and this only worsened with the start of the pandemic in early 2020 and the ban on commercial motorcycles within her city, Lagos.

By May 2020, she knew that instead of complaining about the state of affairs, she should step in as a change agent in that industry. The company started off in May 2020 with just 4 bikes and a boldness from her to make a change in the Logistics industry in the city of Lagos. That single vision has grown the business from just 4 bikes to multiples of that and expansion into other services.

Now, Yemisi Vese Logistics, provides:

Yemisi Vese Logistics started as a dream and has morphed into a living breathing organization with a corporate culture ready to change the face of the Logistics industry.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this vision and for doing business with YVL.